Gayle Jennings

Director of Research
Adjunct Professor, Griffith University

Specialist in Qualitative Research.

Professional Qualifications
Ph.D. (Business, Tourism, Sociology, Social Psychology)
Master of Letters (Sociology)
B.A. (With Distinction), (Asian Studies)
B.A. (Curriculum Studies, Sociology, Psychology)
Dip. Teaching

    Gayle has an internationally recognised reputation with regard to the conduct of Qualitative Research. She has sole authored and edited a number of research books, written book chapters, journal articles as well as presented a large number and variety of oral presentations with a qualitative research agenda.

    Gayle has a wealth of experience having worked in a national government agency, in Planning and Management as well as Research and Monitoring. She has worked as a Teacher, Change Consultant, Lecturer, Researcher, Manager and Director. Currently, in addition to being Director of Research with Imagine CGI, she is an Adjunct Professor at Griffith University.

    Gayle specializes in qualitative research development for those who wish to develop sound qualitative research skills based on a solid theoretical background. Her programs teach and coach participants, who need to conduct qualitative research that investigates complex issues and stands up to tough scrutiny. Gayle coaches participants through the complete process of qualitative research from conceptualizing the research to presenting the results.

    Gayle also specializes in research-related writing genres. She facilitates workshops and programs as well as provides coaching and expert reviews for researchers interested in developing or refining their research writing skills and competencies. 

    The foundation-stone of her style is engagement in authentic person-to-person, person-to-group and group-to-group interactions. These interactions are based on rapport, empathy, trust, reciprocity, interpersonal and intrapersonal awareness.

    Gayle enjoys bush walking, sailing, flying, skiing, and spending time with family and friends. Gayle and her partner support a range of community development projects in Bali, Indonesia.

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