Ross Rynehart

Director - Imagine CGI

Facilitator of    ~ Leading Innovative Change Programs 

                        ~ Organisational Leadership Consultancy 

Professional Qualifications

M.Ed. (Hons. 1st Class)
Dip. Spec. Ed.
B.App.Sc. (Agr)
Accredited Facilitator Myers Briggs Type Indicator
Accredited Facilitator Management Team Roles Indicator

Ross is a professional educator with many years experience. He has rich career experiences having worked as a Principal Project Officer for the Queensland Government Office of the Public Service Commissioner working on whole-of-government leadership development, Operations Manager Queensland Department of Natural Resources, Station Leader at Mawson in Antarctica for the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions, Educational Consultant for both the NSW and Queensland Government, Leader of the Northern Challenge Project and Teacher of Agriculture, Science and Special Education.

Ross specializes in leadership development, organizational learning and cultural change. He facilitates the Leading Innovative Change Programs that are demanding of participants yet result in leaders that are both skilful and willing to lead organisations.  He has over 15 years of professional leadership development facilitation in for Universities, Government Departments and Local Councils.  

Ross's own PhD research explored the power and politics of organisational change processes. He aims to create ethical and skilled  leaders who are not only driven by visions, but are politically savvy operators who can achieve results through influence.

Below are a set of comments from participants in the latest Leadership Program facilitated by Ross (a 6 months program for Senior Researchers from a GO8 University in Australia):

Challenging, highly insightful and very rewarding, on both a professional and personal level  
It was a masterclass in workshopping and leadership development 
Exceeded my expectations by miles!
It was one of the most empowering experiences of my life.
The program is so well designed to bring out the leader in you, that you hardly realise it’s happening 
I would recommend the program to absolutely anyone
An amazing experience all round  
It seriously was a great experience
Fantastic, energising, inspiring
Thought-provoking, perspective-shifting, fun
Amazing, empowering,  motivational 
Challenging, thought-provoking and motivational
Challenging, reflective (and) rewarding
Awareness, thought-provoking, invigorating
Empowering, energising,challenging  
Amazing focus on briniging out all individuals within the group
Introspective, enlightening,  fun!!!
Transforming, mentoring, bonding
Illuminating, thought-provoking, fun

Ross lives in Mt Beauty (Vic) and sometimes in Bali (Indonesia) where he is involved with the local communities. His interests include building aeroplanes and yachts, politics, skiing, sailing and flying.

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