*NEW* Leading Innovative Change Program
by Ross Rynehart - Saturday, 11 October 2014, 3:38 AM

Why a New Program? – Times have changed.  Large and complex organisations are faced with quickly emerging challenges that demand innovative leadership responses.  In response, so too has our approach to Leadership Development. Our new Leading Innovative Change Program is a  leadership development program, an innovation generation program, a political entrepreneur program and a strategic organisational change program – all rolled into one, focussed, high impact activity.

What’s new?  Firstly, the Leading Innovative Change Program is the ideal strategic tool for Executive Leaders who are charged with generating innovative responses to organisational challenges.  We work with Executive Leaders to clearly define the challenge and the scope of response.  We then identify a group of up to 24 diverse leaders who have a stake in the issue at hand and engage them in the Leading Innovative Change Program.  The Executive Leader becomes a sponsor/participant in the program that has equal emphasis on  focussed on highly strategic issues for your organisation.  We place high expectations of personal and group leadership development and performance that results in innovative change.


By investing in the Leading Innovative Change Program you will:

  • Produce game changing results for your organisation that will place you ahead of the pack;
  • Develop a skilled and robust leadership team with the energy and skills to truly start a movement; 
  • Create a skilled implementation team that are politically competent and focussed on achieving changes that will make a difference.

 Many organisations are slow moving.  They are still offering standard leadership programs each year through central OD units.  While these programs are interesting, we believe they are not sufficiently focussed on the pressing needs of organisations.  They are basic, ‘introduction to leadership’ type programs, which are not facilitated in a way that will achieve innovative change.  The Imagine Leading Innovative Change Program is facilitated by our Directors, who are both highly skilled and experienced leadership and organisational change facilitators.  Most participants in our programs are experienced and skilled leaders, yet they comment on the high impact and difference of our approach.  Here are  few comments from participants on recent programs.

“A life changing experience – I’ve finally been educated in leadership and emotional intelligence.  I felt like a manager before I did the program.  Now I am a leader!”

“I must say that this was the most confronting and beneficial professional development I have undertaken in my career!  I wish it was available to me when I first became Head of School”

“The impact is high and future changing”

 “An amazingly rich development program.  This program would be very useful cross the organization – University Executive, Faculty Executive and at the School  Level.”

“Challenging, highly insightful and very rewarding, on both a professional and personal level”

 “It was a master class in work-shopping and leadership development”

“Exceeded my expectations by miles!”

 “It was one of the most empowering experiences of my life.”

“The program is so well designed to bring out the leader in you, that you hardly realise it’s happening”

“I would recommend the program to absolutely anyone. It seriously was a great experience.”

 “Fantastic, energising, inspiring”

We are happy to offer a free, no obligation, face to face meeting to discuss how we can work with you to create truly great results  by tailoring the Leading Innovative Change Program to your organisation. 

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